Vast number of articles,books written on theses topics by great scholars, philosophers, in past and present.

We all know the evils which have corrupted the fundamental concepts during the passage of times. So what is the future? How we are to be ruled?

In all above fields one common link can be noted. . When a thought and related concept e.g. religion is interpreted and it deviates from fundamentals by person this authority to interpret was given reaction resulted and new religion or different practice or branch is evolved. This change was , is, will be never peaceful. So in politics.

I read story in times there was violent struggles used to take place among the kings of those days. No peace ever was in lives of common people. So one war being fought by two opposing kings with their respective armies. However in nearby fields farmers their families were busy in cultivating theirs farms. Totally indifferent to violent bloody war.

I think this indifference we watch experience present day. Change in religious thoughts , political thoughts , resulting violence are making common people indifferent , cynical especially the youth. It seems they accept these circumstances as they ought to exit.

Who can accept this challenge who has this moral strength standing so people will have faith again with ray of hope that they will have future.?

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